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Our Passion

Citrus fruits from the Speciale Family

Flavour, fragrance, nature, tradition, innovation: this is the set of values that defines us and makes us proud of what we do.
The aim of our activity and e-commerce is precisely to be able to share these experiences and emotions that have allowed us to become who we are.
To feel Etna’s soil passing through your fingers, to see the citrus groves tinged with red lava and to rediscover through tradition, the art of nature renewing itself alongside us: in each slice of our Citrus fruits we are offering you a look into our whole world and culture.

And just like nature, we change too. As our history goes back over three generations, we are always open to innovation: our activity is constantly evolving to ensure sustainable progress, enrich the legacy of those who preceded us and offer you today, products that are unique in taste, quality and beauty.

85 Years of Experience

90,000 Trees Grown

10 Varieties of Citrus

15 Worldwide Distributors

Sicily all over the world!

We harvest, process and dispatch our products the same day
to guarantee the best possible freshness and quality.

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